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Birth to 3 is key!  Do you have what it takes as a caregiver?

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The Importance of Play

Operation Ready By 3

CINDI ZARPAS STEVENS, Creator, Founder & Birth-3 SPecialist


Learn how  a child uses all of his/her senses at the same time in order to get ready for school.

Birth to 3

is the new

pre-K & K!

Most parents have to return to work 6 weeks after a baby is born. That's when crucial skills required for success in school and life begin to be wired into a child's brain.   According to the New York Times, "foundational skills that affect whether people thrive or fall behind in the modern economy are developed early, and achievement gaps appear before kindergarten."  A recent article stated that the most important skills to teach "have to do with playing with other children .... human skills that machines can’t easily replicate, like empathy, collaboration and problem-solving." (NYT, "How to Prepare Preschoolers for an Automated Economy").  Birth to 3 is the new pre-K and kindergarten!

Learning isn't just for caregivers, nannies and babysitters.  Operation Ready By 3 provides training and goals/activities for parents too!

Nanny & Sitter Classes

Learn how  a baby or toddler's development depends on how well he or she plays.

Looking, Listening and Doing

Learn about the important development that takes place when babies and toddlers look at faces.

A 21st-century child needs to be:

shaping the future of babies and toddlers  with​ empowered  Parents and CAREGIVERS

Operations Ready By 3  will work with you to be sure you are paid top-dollar and are keeping your skills up-to-date.  Find out how it works. 

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The Power of Face Time

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  • Curious
  • Flexible
  • Engaged
  • Creative
  • Able to search, filter, forget
  • A critical thinker
  • Enthusiastic about his/her potential
  • Able to work collaboratively
  • Aware of his/her learning preferences
  • Appreciative of differences in people, places and thought
  • Willing to serve others